Integrated Data Repositories

Integrated Data Repositories: Designed to Perform

Ever wonder how a query runs quickly, why data from many databases matches flawlessly, and how data transformation techniques produce high-precision results?

Annex deploys structured principles to integrated data repository (IDR) design.

Our Integrated Data Repository Principles:

  • Security: Security is important throughout our builds, but notably at the data ingestion layer or any external-to-IDR communication route.
  • Performance, Reusability and Extensibility: Performance speed is critical, hence, we design ETL Jobs to be reusable and extensible.
  • Availability: Reinforcing the central data warehouse with resources is vital for ensuring scalability with querying and algorithm processing.
  • Performance: High-performance queries improve decision-making, and that starts with efficient algorithm design, and perspectives that think beyond your organization’s limits.
  • Auditability: Trace data from source to destination and find any data or algorithm alterations along the route.